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This page reveals the secrets found in Werewolf Transylvania. Refer to the map for the hidden item locations and the text/icons bellow for instructions on receiving the items.


Complete secret list for Werewolf - Trans v1.25 Image created by Pwnage.

BTNAcolyteSister SpiritsEdit

There are three different Sister Spirits which have the possibility of spawning in 12 different locations throughout the map. Contrary to popular belief, there are always three spirits in every game, however, their locations may not be the same. 

All three sister spirits are invisible at the beginning of the game, and cannot be seen unless revealed. Invisible units can be revealed through Dust of Appearance, Lightposts, Enchanted Oaks, Ivory Towers and Diving Mask. In previous versions, the villager's Dog and Ghost Wife used to reveal invisible units, but these features have since been removed.

Upon locating a sister spirit, clicking on the now visible unit will cause it to die and drop a random Owl Eater item, as well as as an Old Story Book pages and a permanent corpse at the location of the spirit. 

It should be noted that after a player picks up the Owl Eater items, they should bring the items to the shrine located on the island in the circular lake near the center of the map. Without turning the item in, the player will not receive any bonuses.

Owl Eater ItemsEdit

Like the Sister Spirits, there are three Owl Eater items, each with its own unique effect.

Heart of the Owl Eater

The Heart of the Owl Eater grants the villager the ability to revive, similar to the ankh of reincarnation. Alternatively, this item may be sold for 400 gold. While this item is arguably the most unique out of the three, it's also arguably the worst item for a plethora of reasons. Since the ankh does not revive the villager to full health and also has a rather annoying revive time, it's strategically better to have an inventory slot for cheese/elderflower cordial rather than the heart for a dangerous moment. 

Horn of the Owl Eater
Horn of the Owl Eater

The Horn of the Owl Eater grants the villager a permanent +15 strength bonus. While it may seem minuscule, this item is the only item in the game that grants a permanent bonus to strength. The item is consumed once returned to the central shrine, which makes it incredibly inventory efficient since it does not take up a slot while still granting a significant bonus.

Winter Owl

The Winter Owl grants the villager a pemanent +15 to movement speed. From an attribute perspective, the Winter Owl is arguably the most important and game changing item of the Winter Owl series. The additional movement speed does not conflict with boots, Horn of Valhalla, or Jasmine Tea, guaranteeing the villager who gains the bonus from the Winter Owl the fastest movement speed in the game.

In order to gain the desirred effect from the Owl Eater items, they must be brought to the central shrine located on the island in the circular lake. Contrary to popular belief and what the game may tell you, the person who collects all three items does not neccessarily get the +500 experience. Instead, the person who turns in the last Owl Eater item, regardless of which one it is, will receive the experience.

BTNEnchantedGemstoneThunderlizard DiamondEdit

The Thunderlizard Diamond is an item that can be found in one of four different locations. Like other items that move around, the location of the Thunderlizard Diamond is usually different every game. That being said, the item will always spawn in one of the four locations and there will only be one in every game. 

In order to find the Thunderlizard Diamond, a villager must check the locations where it has a chance to spawn. A dog cannot be used to locate the diamond, and niether can any other viable patron. This is because the hero triggers a specific event related to finding the diamond. That being said, it may be possible to have the Werewolf locate the Thunderlizard Diamond. However, this may be ineffective since the Werewolf has no inventory slots to pick the item up.

Once a user has the Thunderlizard Diamond, they can choose to keep it and use its active ability, or they may choose to sell it for 450 gold. 

Diamond Chain LightningEdit

The Thunderlizard Diamond's chain lightning is a very effective way of damaging/killing animals that are clustered. Chain Lightning will do 150 damage on the first target, and will hit a maximum of 4 targets, dealing 25% less damage every consecutive hit. Casting this ability costs 100 mana, which is significant early in the game, and also has a 30 second cooldown. Strategically, it's best to kill a pack of deer and then sell the Thunderlizard Diamond, which will rack up 770 gold if four doe's are killed (does being significantly easier to kill than stags). 

BTNCallToArmsDeath's BellEdit

Death's Bell is a secret item that can be acquired by having a skull and broken bell in your inventory, even though Death's Bell don't have many uses, many players still get it.

To get Death's Bell, first, you need to buy a shovel.

Then, go to the red circle (The one without Shovel Required).

A message will appear, it looks like this: "You found a bell half-buried from the ground" or something like that.

Now, proceed to the red circle with Shovel Required (Look at the map), you must bring a shovel.

In that area, you will see an area with grasses, go there and use the shovel. Then a message will appear, like this: "Ooh, what is this?" or something like that. Now you have the two items!

Then you acquired Death's Bell

Death's Bell uses okkkkkkEdit

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